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2019 KPA Membership Application

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The KPA Board wants you to know we appreciate and need your support as we are busy advocating for psychology in Kansas. A quick look back at 2018 reminds us that the leadership of KPA is committed to working on behalf of Kansas psychologists.

In 2018, Board of Governors of the Kansas Psychological Association continued to vigorously monitor updates and changes to the profession as they affect the landscape of the practice of psychology in Kansas. One way we accomplished this was via KPA’s Legislative Consultant, Whitney Damron, P.A. Whitney helps us track and monitor those issues that both directly and indirectly affect Kansas Psychologists.

Looking ahead into 2019, we will continue to build on the progress we have made and create new relationships that will move psychology forward. Keeping with this theme, many of the leaders of Kansas Psychological Association have been invited by the American Psychological Association to represent Psychology in Kansas at the annual State Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. The culmination of this 2 day meeting is visits to Capitol Hill where we will meet with members of Congress to advocate for psychology at both the state and national level.

Additionally, we are in the process of planning our 2019 Spring and Fall Conferences. The Spring Conference will be held in Kansas City presenting, "Sequence IX: Ethics & Risk Management in Complex Clinical Conundrums" in coordination with The Trust. A full description of the workshop can be found here.

As always, a benefit of renewal is the inclusion in the doctor finder profile on KPA’s website. This service is used by fellow members and KPA staff to locate referrals. Additionally, the public can search for providers in their geographical areas.

KPA is working for you! Please join us for this exciting year!  (And encourage your colleagues).

If you have any questions about how to proceed, please feel free to email or call toll-free (866) 860-7313.





Quarterly/Monthly Membership Dues Available!  For Full Member, NEW Full Member, Associate Member, and NEW Associate Member, you may choose to pay your dues in quarterly (4) or monthly (12) installments.

Full Member Dues: $25/mo or $300 annually: Persons shall have a minimum of a doctoral degree in psychology or in an area primarily psychological in content. Full Members shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the Association including voting, holding elective office or appointive office.

NEW Full Member Dues: $12.50/mo or $150 annually: If you are new to KPA, your first year of dues is discounted to $150. Full member qualifications noted above apply. ECP discounts do not apply.

Prelic  Member Dues: $8.33/mo or $100 annually: Persons who are 1-2 years postgraduate, working toward permanent license

Associate Member Dues: $7.50/mo or $90 annually: Persons with a minimum of a Master's degree in psychology or a field primarily psychological in nature, who do not meet the requirements for Full Member or Student member. Associate Members may serve on committees, but may not vote, or hold elective or appointive office. Associate Members shall achieve voting privileges after five consecutive years as an Associate Member.

NEW Associate Member Dues: $3.75/mo or $45 annually: If you are an Associate Member who is new to KPA, your first year of dues is discounted to $45. Associate member qualifications noted above apply.

Emeritus Member Annual Dues: $25: Persons who are retired and/or permanently disabled, who have been a member of the Association in good standing for the previous five (5) years. Those persons shall retain all the rights and privileges of their previous membership category.

Student Member Annual Dues: $15: Persons working toward a graduate or undergraduate degree in a program primarily psychological in content at a college or university. Student Members may serve as voting members of committees. They may not hold elective or appointive office, except to serve as the Student Representative to the Board of Governors.

Early Career Psychologist Member:

  • ECP1 
    1 year postgraduate
    Annual Dues $100
  • ECP2
    2 years postgraduate
    Annual Dues $125
  • ECP3
    3 years postgraduate
    Annual Dues $150
  • ECP4
    4 years postgraduate
    Annual Dues $200
  • ECP5
    5 years postgraduate
    Annual Dues $250

Full (5+ Institution)
If five or more psychologists from your institution renew as a group, you may choose this category which deducts $50 for a fee of $250. You must indicate your institution affiliation within your profile for verification purposes.

Missouri Psychological Association Reciprocal Member Annual Dues: $20.00 for 1-2 years postgraduate OR $40 2+ years postgraduate: Be aware that this process of having membership with both MOPA and KPA has changed. In prior years you could purchase your membership for both organizations through KPA or MOPA. That is no longer the case. You now need to purchase your membership from each organization independently. What has remained the same is that you continue to receive a discounted rate on the 2nd membership. If you live in KS you would purchase a KPA membership on our site and then to go to to purchase your MOPA membership. If you live in MO, you would purchase a MOPA membership on their site and then come here to purchase the ($40) membership with KPA.



Association for the Advancement of Psychology in Kansas (AAPK):    AAPK is the Political Action Committee representing psychologists in Kansas.  AAPK provides psychologists with a legal conduit for making contributions to key Kansas legislators.  Psychologists are encouraged to make contributions to AAPK a regular part of their KPA membership renewal.  Voluntary contributions to AAPK are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes.   

Dues payments to KPA are deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense with the exception of 18% used by KPA for direct lobbying expenses. Dues are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions to AAPK are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes. As always, consult your financial adviser for clarification.

Kansas Psychological Association  ~  Phone: (866) 860-7313  Fax: (800) 784-9034