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September tip
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September Monthly Tip

All of us experience stress of some kind throughout our days and weeks. Occasionally, stress can feel overwhelming and become disruptive. At times when we feel overwhelmed, we might feel stuck or even "out of control.” Our effectiveness can go down, causing us to feel even worse. Such times can require us to "reset” before trying to go forward at whatever we’re called to in that moment. A good way to reset is to use one of the five senses to get "grounded” in the moment. Find something in your environment that seems relaxing. Watch the trees blow in the wind. Smell the scent of a favorite candle. Stare at a picture and describe to yourself its shapes and colors. Slowly sip a favorite drink. Feel the texture of a comfortable pillow or blanket. Let your senses connect with the soothing things in your world to get your thoughts back in the present moment and get back to feeling capable and effective again. For more tips on coping with stress, visit
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