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July Tip
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July Public Education Tip

Sadly for most families, the end of summer is in sight, as parents and kids begin to think about clothes and supplies for school. With the advantages that come with summer still in play and the school year in sight, now is a great time for parents and kids to establish healthy habits as a family. Think of it as time for a "mid-year resolution.” Making physically and emotionally healthy decisions for your children and family is a positive way to wind down the summer and prepare for the coming school year.  
With the numbers of overweight children on the rise, healthy activity and eating habits are more important than ever. Consider trying some activities as a family, such as playing Frisbee or other outside games, taking walks or bike rides, or making healthy meals together. Ask yourself if some of these behaviors could be continued when the school year starts and try to turn them into habits now. For more ideas on healthy lifestyle choices, visit
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